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Poor little man is at the vet today… and he’ll stay there for the next close to 4 weeks until we get back from holiday. If only it was as cutely sick as the above implies.

Our little French Bulldog went in for spinal surgery today. The surgeon says he came out OK but they won’t know until tomorrow whether he’s going to improve or be the same… or worse. It’s a breed problem (yes, damn purebreds). Frenchies are known for their spinal issues and, at 7.5 years old, his back has final gotten too problematic to ignore.

Up until now, he hasn’t been in any pain but his little back legs have slowly gotten wobblier and wobblier and he was having more accidents in the house. If he went on a really big walk or got muddled, his back legs would go out from under him. When he laid down on the floor and peed himself right in front of us… well, it was time to go to the vet… and then the specialist vet… and now surgery.

He’ll need to be crate rested for the next six weeks and the vet said we may as well do it now so, by the time we get back, he’ll be nearly recovered and we can have him home for the last 2 weeks or so. It would actually be harder for him if we waited til we were back home and then he’d have the full six weeks in the crate watching his brother go for walks and not being able to go himself. This way, he might be miserable alone at the vet, but he won’t know what he’s missing out on and he will get the best possible care. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I feel bad for the little dude but it’s honestly for the best.

I can’t decide whether our other dog, a 10.5 year old pug named Oscar, is chuffed to have the house to himself or missing his brother. He certainly seemed stoked when he got a treat and was able to eat it in peace without stressing that his was going to get jacked and his treat stolen. It’s only been a day though so maybe the loneliness will set in later. Or maybe it won’t set in at all… he’s a pretty independent dog. Does his own thing, doesn’t like to be pestered. Maybe he’s loving having his pick of the dog beds and couch – wouldn’t surprise me.