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Today was my last day at work and the last day before we head off on a 3.5 week trip around the Caribbean and Miami. I know it’s ambitious to commit to NaBloPoMo when I’ll be shuttling around various islands with questionable internet connection and limited time but, fuck it, I’m giving it a go.

I got a beautiful farewell card from work that made me tear up a little bit. When you’ve worked somewhere for seven years, it doesn’t matter on what terms you leave, you’re still leaving a big part of your life behind. I’m leaving on good terms and I’m happy to be leaving but, still, there are many people I’ll miss.

But, I have just the thing to help with my sadness. A holiday!! We’re flying to LA – have a few hours there, enough time to catch up with a friend in Santa Monica. Then on to Miami, few nights there, before we board a party boat that cruises through the Bahamas. Back to Miami and off to Martinique via Barbados. Then St Lucia, Trinidad and seven nights in Jamaica.

I’ll live the pirate life, I think, if the pirate life is drinking rum, soaking up the sunshine and eating as much local food as possible. No fighting, no fleeing from the law (well… who knows what the trip may bring). But definitely no swashbuckling, pillaging or plundering, all those good words that conjure up images of adventure, danger and possible injury and/or death.

I shall be a peaceful pirate who wears bikinis and drinks tasty rum cocktails. Surely, these types of pirates existed and, if they didn’t, they should have. They were going about it all wrong and someone should have informed them. Preferably via a long, polite letter with lots of mayhaps and perchances. Maybe even a methinks. I love that word! The world would be a better place if we used it more often.

As I said, my goal is to post each day so let’s see how that goes. I have the very best of intentions (as always).