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After a 13 hour flight to LA, breakfast/lunch with a friend in Santa Monica, a rush back into LAX with a plan to try and catch an earlier flight (a plan that was nearly foiled but thankfully worked out in the end) and a 4 hour flight approx 3 hours of which was spent trying to get some sleep in a hideously cramped economy seat, we finally arrived in Miami. My god, I have never been so glad to be free of air conditioning. Actually, I’m generally quite glad to be free of air con but this time was an extreme example. My eyes felt like they were about to turn into dust.

The first thing we did after checking in was to have a long shower. Washing off all that imaginary travel dust felt amazing. We then went out for dinner and cocktails as we were starving and in desperate need of tasty alcoholic beverages. In that order.

We found a pretty cool speakeasy cocktail bar in South Beach. Had two cocktails. Had a shot of rum. American shots are ridiculous, I had to do mine in two gos. You Americans are crazy but then again I’m a bit of a pussy when it comes to shots. We then tried to get into the exclusive downstairs area of the bar. That didn’t work so we went home, ordered room service and watched Tammy on in-room movies. We all fell asleep before the end (no reflection on the movie, we were just exhausted).

Picture of my partner, sister and me at dinner on our first night:

Photo 10-01-2015 12 11 22 pm

Today, we were greeted by this:


But, to be honest, this not-so-amazing weather has given us permission to relax and not have to do too much. Prime example: it’s 12pm and my sister has just announced she’s too tired and is staying in bed. I would never say it out loud (because I just teased her) but I could quite easily do the same. It’s 4am Monday in Sydney so my body clocked is all fucked up. The only thing that must be done today is dinner at 8.15pm. That seems very doable.

WordPress date says 10 Nov but this was posted on Sun 9 Nov — Miami time, baby!!