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I’m writing this post now but I don’t know if I’ll be able to post it today. I need wifi to be able to upload it. Oh well, hopefully that still counts for NaBloPoMo. I’m going to assume that it does (nobody contradict me).

We’re currently driving out to Ft Lauderdale to have dinner and a bit of a night out (or this is the plan at least). Tomorrow, we board a four day party cruise bound for the Bahamas.

We’re hoping my sister gets back in time. We haven’t heard from her since this afternoon but we have access to her emails and we spotted one saying her passport was ready. Moments like these make you realise how much you use your phone as she can only contact us when she has wifi, which is proving to be more elusive than you would think (as you know, it’s also affecting my blog posts but, if I’m honest, that’s a much less dire requirement).

On a separate but related note, Miami has brightened up somewhat since our first day. The weather has been really nice although I wish people would lay off the arctic air conditioning. But then again, I love the heat but not everyone else does.

As far as I’m concerned, summer is the best season of all. I love the smell of sunscreen and salt and how much everyone’s skin glows. More people go out and everyone’s in a better mood. Personally, I wear as little clothing as the weather and common decency permit. I feel it’s my right seeing as winter turns me into a yellow blob because I have to rug up in so many layers and refuse to go outdoors for any longer than strictly necessary (and yes, yes, I eat more comfort food. Ok, you made me say it. Are you happy now?).

Enough from me. I’m off to pay attention to this road trip I’m on.