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Things are becoming decidedly chaotic. It’s day 3 and many people are looking much worse for wear (myself included, no doubt).

The cafeteria food, once declared pretty decent, is now all starting to look and taste the same. Also, breakfast ends far too early for what goes on on this ship and there is only one omelette station (and it ALWAYS has a huge line).

But today, we got to get off the boat in Nassau, which was pretty nice. We hung out on a quiet stretch of beach and ate some delicious local seafood. We thought we’d go back and have a nap before the night’s festivities but then a voice came over the intercom announcing that Skrillex and Diplo would be playing a surprise Jack U set.

So the nap has been cast aside and we find ourselves heading out into the night to throw ourselves around to some crazed dubstep.