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Well, after a pretty easy disembarkation followed by a nap at a friend’s house and lunch at a cool Haitian place in South Beach, we embarked on the second part of our adventure – our Caribbean island hop.

However, things weren’t to remain so smooth. Tired as hell, we found ourselves on a very full flight to Barbados. My partner and my sister’s bags had to be put way up the front while we were all sat down the back. We then had a screaming, kicking child behind us. I slept through some of it but sadly not all. At one point, I burst into hysterical laughter as I was so tired and the little girl was screaming so loudly for her daddy (who I would have gladly found for her if I had any clue where he was). I think it was either laugh or cry and laughing seemed less crazy at that point.

The bag separation issue meant that my partner and sister had to wait until everyone was off the plane before they could get their suitcases. Meanwhile, our other travelling buddy and myself waited by the baggage carousels watching person after person glide through. However, all’s well that ends well as we’re now at our ‘in transit’ guest house all primed and ready for our flight to Martinique at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

We’re currently all slathered in mosquito repellant, raping the free wifi. It seems so long since we last had contact with the outside world!