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St Lucia is AMAZING. And we almost didn’t make it.

We thought we’d allowed plenty of time to get to the airport but nope. For such a tiny island, Martinique has an absolute crapload of traffic. Thankfully, we were able to return our rental car and blitz through check in and security just in time to get our flight. Definitely wouldn’t have happened at a bigger airport (it looked like ours was the only flight out at that time).

We spent the day driving to our resort just outside Soufriere. The island is green and lush and filled with rolling, verdant mountains. Ladera, our hotel, is nestled high up in the Pitons and the views are really quite indescribable. The usual words don’t do them justice.

We were going to head down to the beach but, when we saw the view from the pool, we decided to stay at the hotel until after sunset. The only downside has been the fairly regular sun showers that seem to blow through but really it’s a small price to pay for paradise.

Oh yes, let me tell you about our room. It only has three walls. What would be the fourth wall is just space that leaves us open to nature and unobstructed views of the mountains and the sea (picture of the view included below). We have our own private plunge pool and rain shower (sadly the shower is indoors – I love outdoor showers!). We have a huge four poster bed with a mosquito net. It’s so tall I have to climb up onto it and nearly fell off when I misjudged the height in the dark.

Photo 20-11-2014 10 49 04 pm (1)

We spent the afternoon eating snacks and sipping cocktails by the pool (view from the pool included below) but then went inside when the rain got too much. It’s nap time now and then we’ll head into Soufriere for dinner and drinks.

Photo 10-01-2015 12 08 38 pm

Tomorrow we drive a bit north to stay at a different hotel. It had better be amazing as Ladera has set the bar pretty damn high right about now. Anything less than unbelievably spectacular will be a disappointment.