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Last night in St Lucia. I’ll be sad to go as it’s a stunningly beautiful island, even if it did keep me up last night with crazy rain storms and mosquito bite paranoia (even though I was under a mosquito net).

We had breakfast at Ladera overlooking the Pitons. With sun showers regularly blowing over the mountains and rainbows forming down in the valley, even the rain is beautiful here. We then drove to the St Lucia Distillery where we got an amazing tour by the head of sales there. We tried cask strength rum, had a private tasting of their main rums and heard some funny stories about rum and its history.

Sadly, we only stayed the one night in Ladera and are spending our last night over at Royal by Rex in Rodney Bay. It’s still quite nice but nothing like the amazingness that was last night’s hotel.

The plan is to go out for dinner and drinks tonight but I’m not sure if I’m into it. I’m pretty tired as there hasn’t been much downtime so far on this trip. We were meant to have a few drinks last night as well but we came home early so I’m feeling like I might not be missing too much by taking a night off tonight.

We’ll see…