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We were meant to board a 10.20am flight from St Lucia that got us into Trinidad at 2.10pm. This was just in the nick of time to make it to Angostura rum for a tour with their master distiller.

Well, the worst has happened (in the grand scheme of things, maybe not the absolute worse). Our flight out of St Lucia was delayed by 1.5hrs and our connecting flight left without us. We are now delayed by 8hrs in Barbados, waiting for a flight that may or may not leave at 8.05pm and may or may not get us to Trinidad ’til after 10pm. None of the airline staff seemed willing to promise that this flight is actually a happening thing.

So, we made our way to the bar and proceeded to drink beers, shots and piña coladas until the whole day wasted in transit seemed to not be such a terrible thing anymore. Our bartender was sassy and hot. The drinks were decent. My partner put on his top hat and started “flaring” with his padded neck rest. It was funny until he nearly clocked some fellow bar patrons with it. There were worse places to be trapped in, I suppose.

But now I can’t drink anymore. The piña colada made me feel a bit sick. We’ve pulled up a pew in one of the departure gates and are a much more subdued, sorry bunch of individuals than we were two hours ago before the alcohol wore off. Damn you alcohol, you made everything ok for a minute there.

We have just under three hours to go. If the plane departs on time. If it departs at all tonight. Even the bar staff seem to think it won’t. “See you in the morning,” they said. So cruel.

Picture of my partner, sister and friend waiting to board after a long day spent in the airport. Can’t remember what time this was taken.

Photo 22-11-2014 9 16 08 am