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We got into Trinidad very late last night.

It was raining. We had issues at customs with our visas – forms we went to a lot of trouble to fill out and send through prior to arrival but turns out you don’t need to. You just need to bring US$67 cash and fill out a much simpler form at the airport but no one informed us of this.

Luckily, my partner had US$165 left over in one dollar bills from a strip club we went to in Miami. Thankfully, the customs officer saw the funny side of this and didn’t mind being paid all in ones. Our travelling companions were not so lucky.

My sister had to be escorted out of the building to get money from an ATM but immigration wouldn’t let her out without her passport (which couldn’t be given to her as she hadn’t officially cleared customs yet). So one of the officers suggested that our male friend go as perhaps “they wouldn’t let her out because she was a woman”. What the actual fuck?!? Regardless, our male friend was let out to go get money. We’ll never really know whether or not it was because he has a penis. We took the win and were eventually let into the country.

We were pretty tired after 15hrs in transit for a flight that was initially meant to take 1.5hrs. But we were also starving seeing as it was around 12am so we went out to the main party street in Port of Spain and had some roadside doubles. These are little plates of pita style bread covered in curried vegetables or meat. Incredibly tasty. We scarfed them down and then hit up a few bars until around 4am.

Everyone has been really friendly and helpful (hotel staff maybe slightly less so). We went to the Angostura distillery today (sadly we missed the proper tour we had booked for yesterday) and are heading out again tonight. Maybe a trip to the beach tomorrow. Who knows? Let’s see how tonight goes.