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As I said yesterday, people in Port of Spain have been really friendly and welcoming. They’re happy to make recommendations for where to eat and drink and have also dissuaded us from places we wanted to go but probably shouldn’t.

Last night, we started off at Drink, a small wine bar recommended to us. We had wine/beer/cider there and then went to have a look at Chaud restaurant, another recommendation. It turned out to be a bit too fine dining for us so we walked across the road to the Savannah where they were having a food market.

It was all very authentic local food and we tried a few things here and there – roti, oxtail soup and more doubles. It was a nice little spot. People were there with their families, their partners. There were lots of cute little kids running around and one stall was playing a Michael Jackson concert on DVD, which people seemed to get into (and I not-so-secretly loved).

We then walked back across to Chaud to call our taxi driver. While we waited, the very friendly manager, Sammy, kept us entertained. He showed us some local rums – a delicious chai infused rum called Smaks and a local over proof style rum called Puncheon, I think it was. It was not so delicious, more like liquid fire.

He also mentioned that they do a buffet brunch, which we went to today. It. Was. Amazing. It was a HUGE spread with so much food, both local and more traditional fare. They even had dessert and cheese stations, which is an instant win in my book. And at the end of it all, he gave us one breakfast free. What a dude.

But back to last night. After finishing our drinks at Chaud and promising Sammy to come for brunch the next day, we headed over to St. James, a slightly more downmarket area of town with a few bars and so forth. We got a drink at Smokey & Bunty’s, one of the more tourist friendly places, and then walked the length of the main street to see what else was going on. We had planned to go to Universal Bar but Sammy warned us against it. It did look pretty rough when we walked past so he probably did us a solid there.

We blitzed out of St James and went back to Ariapita Ave, the main party street we’d been to the night before. Did a bit of a street crawl, went to a few bars, had a late night gyro and then headed home round 2am. It was fun but there are definitely more people out on a Friday night in Port of Spain. Saturday nights, not quite as happening. The music was still good though.

Today we hit up Maracas beach, about a 30min drive from Port of Spain through some beautiful mountain terrain. It was quite cloudy today but we were lucky enough to get a bit of sun and heat when we got to the beach, which was a big stretch of sand nestled between the two tail ends of Trinidad’s very green mountain range. A nice day all in all, even though some local ladies did ask my sister to ask me to put my bikini top back on. I didn’t mind so much. I’m actually surprised that this is the first time this has happened on this trip. Have added some pics of the beach and the view from the mountains on the way there.

Photo 24-11-2014 5 56 19 amPhoto 24-11-2014 5 54 19 am

View on the way to the beach

Photo 24-11-2014 6 33 15 am

Maracas beach

I especially enjoyed stopping at a roadside stall to get some pickled plums, June plums and green mango. I also got tamarind ball but they don’t make it the same here as they do in Jamaica so it was a bit too sweet and spicy for everyone. Pics of all the fruit below — yum!

Photo 24-11-2014 6 29 01 am

The sun’s starting to go down so we’ll probably head out now. Time to try some shark and bake, something I can only hope is just fried fish and not real shark. We’ll then head back and probably take it easy on our last night in Trinidad. We fly out early tomorrow for Jamaica, which I’m assuming is going to be a non-stop whirlwind of rum, rum and, yep, more rum!