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This will be a quick post.

We landed in Kingston. Only a 1.5hr delay so it felt like a win.

We did an Appleton rum tasting and blending at J. Wray & Nephew. Pretty cool. My blend came second last (out of five) so I was at least pleased to not be the worst.

They also sent us on our way with a ridiculous amount of free rum. More than we could possibly carry in our luggage so we’ll just have to drink as much of it as we can.

We then drove up to our boss pad in the mountains, Strawberry Hill hotel. Had a tasty dinner with champagne and rum cocktails.

Off to bed now as we have a big day of sightseeing tomorrow.

Pics of previously mentioned ‘boss pad’ – the balcony off our bedroom and the view from various sides of the villa.

Photo 25-11-2014 11 03 54 pm Photo 25-11-2014 11 04 06 pm

Photo 25-11-2014 11 04 19 pm