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Well… Looks like our holiday will be a little bit longer than originally planned.

Some of our friends are working at Art Basel in Miami and they convinced us it would be a good idea to stick around. It’s my partner’s birthday that Saturday as well so there was extra impetus. We were thinking it might be a massive ball ache to switch our flights but turns out… Nope!

We were able to switch our Syd > LAX business class flights on points (still business baby!) and I spoke to US Airways and the costs are pretty reasonable for them as well. So… That’s pretty exciting.

We might spend an extra few days in Jamaica and then head to Miami for Thursday. We’d Art Basel it up for the rest of that week and fly back to Sydney on Tues 9 Dec – a week later than planned. Oh. My. God. So excited that my holiday isn’t finishing up on Monday. Woohoo. I was already started to get depressed about having to face reality.

As for today, everyone went on a coffee plantation hike while I stayed by the pool. When it got a bit rainy, I moved to the hammock on our balcony (view from the hammock below). We’ve since transferred to our new hotel (not so nice) so we can go out in Kingston tonight and not have to worry about drink driving.

Photo 27-11-2014 4 37 45 am

Last night we got invited to what turned out to be an extremely hipster/hippie like party. There were people painting the outdoor floor and walls (see below) and vegan chocolate cupcakes on offer. Everyone was very friendly and the sweet smell of marijuana was wafting through the air. That smell always reminds me of my childhood (my mum smoked a lot). Smells like nostalgia.

Photo 26-11-2014 2 30 22 pm

So, for the minute, we’re chilling at the new place then heading off to dinner in about an hour and a bit. I see jerk chicken, dub and dancehall music and rum, rum, rum in my future!!