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Last night was a bit of an extravaganza.

We hit up a restaurant called Sweetwood for some jerk chicken, which was reasonably tasty. Really good hot sauce that kind of built up on you. Got pretty spicy by the end of the meal. One of my high school friends met us there as well as the now not-so-little brother of another high school friend.

Both of them gave us a lift to a little roots party called Dubwise (the little brother hung out with us all night, my other friend had to go back to work). We hung out there for a bit. Our tour guide friend, Carlo, also met us and, seeing as it was quite a Rastafarian gathering, there was plenty of weed floating about the place.

When we were ready for something a bit more cranking, we headed off to Weddy Weddy, a dance run by Stone Love, a famous sound system in Jamaica. It was loud and brash with huge speakers that I swear I’m still partially deaf from. We saw some awesome dancing, especially when the “video light” (video camera) came round. People seemed to save their moves for when the camera man was close by.

That calmed down around 3.30am so our friend took us to a strip club, seeing as we’d told him about one we went to in Miami. This one was pretty ghetto and, although it looked really quiet when we first walked in, girls soon materialised out of nowhere. And, goddamn, if they weren’t hard workers.

Within minutes, we were scooped up into private shows that went for about a song and bordered on rough. It was fun though. I suppose an aggressive dancer is better than a whole heap of dancers who just sit around and don’t interact. Although… Actually, maybe it depends on your mood. Regardless, we enjoyed it, even if we did walk out significantly poorer.

We got to bed around 5am but I actually felt ok today. Had a nap in the car on the way to Port Antonio. Stopped off for jerk at Boston Bay. Had a look at the very pimp Geejam hotel/studio and had more jerk tonight when we went to have a little look-see at a local dance called Roadblock.

To be honest, I actually could have stayed out just to listen to the awesome dancehall music and have a bit of a dance. But everyone else was tired (my sister didn’t even bother coming out) so we came home.

Tomorrow we’re going to watch the sun rise (we’re on the eastern end of the island so it should be good) and then start the long drive across to Negril. Google says 4.5hrs but, with a few stops along the way, it will probably take us most of the day.