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Event-filled day. Just writing a quick post before we head out for the night.

Checked out of our shitty hotel two nights early and moved to a much nicer one. Managed to get refunds for the extra nights. Spectacular.

At the new place, we revelled in cool refresher towels, fruit punches on arrival and scoring a much pimper cliff set up (including the sweet, sweet inflatable device you see below). We chalked it up as a definite win.

Photo 1-12-2014 6 20 14 am

Had lunch at Push Cart at The Rockhouse. Quite average, sadly. Tried not to let it get us down.

Going up into the hills tonight (where I used to live) for some home style Jamaican cooking. Hopefully it’s open as the cook shop we’re going to keeps really weird hours and days.

Then off for a night on the town. One of our friends is leaving so we have to have a last hurrah. Probably hit up Alfred’s Ocean Palace for some drinks in their cool sunken bar. Maybe check out Bourbon Beach (a bartender recommended it to us) then finally off to Jungle, Negril’s main night club. Hopefully for some awesome dancehall and dancing.