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Not much happened today due to a serious hangover as a result of last night’s festivities.

For once, my partner is worse off than me. The sun did him in today. At one point, I looked over and he’d moved from the deck chair to the actual ground to get out of the sun. He also had to make a break for it partway through dinner tonight as he thought he was going to be sick. I, on the other hand, feel pretty good. Maybe a bit tired is all.

Photo 1-12-2014 5 55 31 am

The view from our sun-tanning spot

We got home round 3.30am after a night of drinking, dancing and making new friends. My sister and I definitely didn’t want to go home. We could have stayed out much later but it wasn’t to be. When we got back to the hotel, I went straight to bed and was out like a light until 11am. At which point, we had to pack our bags and move to another room before the 12pm check out time. Definitely not fun when hungover.

My sister goes tomorrow so it’ll just be my partner and me until we fly to Miami on Thursday. Looking forward to it actually (the time alone, I mean, although Miami will also be fun). It’ll be nice not to have to do anything. Hopefully I can boost my tan a bit in the next few days. For someone who’s spent two weeks in the Caribbean, I feel like I’m definitely not brown enough, which is unacceptable. But I feel like I kickstarted things a bit today and I have three more days to work with.

As I said, not much was accomplished. Had burgers for breakfast (proper breakfast was finished). Laid in the sun drinking fruit punches and GIANT glasses of water. Had an afternoon lay down (below). Watched the glorious sunset. Went and saw our stepsister and aunt up in the hills as well as an old friend of our mum’s. Had dinner. Currently about to go to bed.

Photo 1-12-2014 7 52 52 am

Actually, looking at that list, I think I accomplished quite a bit for someone with a hangover. Still, today was definitely the most chilled day so far!