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NaBloPoMo is over but I seem to have made a habit of this ‘post everyday’ thing so let’s see how long I can keep it up (Miami will be the true test, I’m guessing).

The above kind of reflects my headspace with leaving my job. Sorry if I’m getting repetitive talking about work all the time but it’s much on my mind lately as I spend my days laying in the sun, getting a massage, reading a book I’m not particularly hooked on (need to get a new one) and trawling Facebook and my new obsession, Instagram. You could say work’s looming large at the moment (around all the other stuff). 🙂

And while there might have been things I would’ve liked to do at my old job, you have to be savvy enough to see if those things aren’t going to pan out. Or maybe they will but they’ll take a much longer time than you’re willing to sacrifice.

Also, my studies started back this week but, with the holiday extension, I won’t be back til week two of the study period. I’m trying to decide if I want to cut a subject and just do one this period while I’m trying to sort my life out. This might take the stress off a bit. Or do I want to take the whole study period off (again) and just luxuriate in freedom?

As you can see, the holiday rolls on but life still happens in the background. Here’s a Negril sunset pic to keep you all jealous. 🙂