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And so we bid farewell to Jamaica and hello to Miami and the US.

Jamaica is kind of known for its often less than amazing customer service and general lack of giving a fuck. In fact, on landing in Kingston and trying to get into the country, we found only one visitor immigration officer working (with another set up for diplomats/crew and three or four for nationals/Caricom citizens). This officer then disappeared for no apparent reason and all the tourists were left to wait indefinitely for our dude to come back or someone else to take pity on us (thankfully they eventually did). So, while it’s sad to leave such an island paradise, it’s also good to be back in a first world country where efficiency is of some importance.

We’ve come back to Miami for Art Basel, a city-wide art event that I’m assured is just an excuse to have a huge party. This is something I can definitely get behind. We have five nights here and then make the loooooooong trip back to Sydney (thank god we’re flying business again for the Syd > LA portion).

So basically it’s massive parties every night with our last night (Monday) being spent in a huge strip club. Amazing. We had four quiet nights in Negril so I’m pretty sure I’m ready to cut loose again. Either way, I’m about to find out.