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I’m not much of a lover of Christmas. Bah humbug and all that. The materialism, the buying of things we don’t need, the obligatory family gatherings all rub me the wrong way but what can you do? At least my family isn’t big on presents so that’s not a huge concern.

I have my partner’s family thing today and mine on Sunday. His one is with his mum and 20 gazillion siblings and their partners, kids, etc. (VERY large family) and mine is with my mum and sister and our extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, partners, kids, etc.). Sadly, he has a broken family and so he generally has two or three Xmas events each year. I draw the line at attending one. I only have one and so I agree to go to one of his – it’s just too much otherwise.

To be fair, he rarely goes to all of his ones either. We missed his dad’s one this year because we had a wedding. His mum also usually has a second one where she travels out west or down south to see her siblings and/or parents. I would have liked to have gone to that one this year as his grandparents haven’t been well (especially his grandad) but I’m not sure he’s looked into it. So there’s that.

And then, on the heels of Xmas, comes the annual struggle to decide what to do for New Year’s. Nothing amazing is forthcoming this time around. Ideas are being bounced from here to there but, to my mind, nothing worth committing to. I’m even considering not doing anything and maybe saving myself for New Year’s Day. There’s a big daytime festival on with a good line up on NYD. I have to work on the 2nd though (I think, no roster as yet) so hopefully, if we do go with that option, it’s nothing too large. Ha.

Apologies again for the infrequent posts. For someone who thought they would have more time, I seem to have less and less of it. Or maybe this new hospitality life pattern has just thrown my usually impeccable time management skills into a tizz. I’ll get back on track – I’m sure of it.