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I love the light in our apartment. The kitchen gets a smattering of morning sun, which is quite pretty really. But the bedroom and dining room get a beautiful shower of sunlight come the afternoon.

Photo 6-01-2015 4 57 45 pm

The above photo is the view from where I usually sit at our dining table. This is where I do most of my blog posts, sort out my finances, my schedule, all the fun stuff that requires a computer. We have a desk but my partner uses that as it’s a bit too high for me (short person, short arms and all). The dining table is perfect for me and getting all that glorious sunlight is a bonus.

Sometimes, our French bulldog will come and sit by me. He likes to spread out in the splotches of sun that hit the wood floors. If it’s day time and he’s not on the couch or in his cave bed, he’s usually hogging a spot of sunlight, looking super-chuffed with himself.

Photo 6-01-2015 4 58 46 pm

The bedroom (above) is even better. I sometimes bring my computer in here and prop myself up in bed while I write. We have this beautiful beige wallpaper covered with hot pink hothouse flowers and we recently bought a quilt cover in a similar beige covered with bright green ferns. I love coming in here, curling up with the book and pretending I’m in a sun drenched garden of ferns and flowers.

The only downside? In this super warm Australian summer we’re having, it can actually get a bit too hot. I find myself slowly creeping further and further across the bed or around the dining table to avoid the sun. Although I love the heat, love summer, sweating is not something I greatly enjoy. But it’s all bearable if it means I get a nice bright space to write or read in. I’d hate it if it was too dark and dreary.

We’re looking at getting the old window frames replaced and nice plantation shutters put in. When that happens, I expect we’ll have some lovely rays of sunlight beaming into the house. The kind of rays that make the sunlight look like a solid. As if, when you reached out to touch them, they’d tangle around your fingers like cobwebs or silk. I can’t wait.