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I’ve been working towards an unofficial post-a-day goal since early January and was doing so well up until Sunday. Life kind of got in the way, which is not such a bad excuse, I would say. What’s a bad excuse? Oh, there are many: being hungover or uninspired, too tired, forgot. But Sunday’s excuse was none of these. I was just too busy, an excuse I love to have as (most of the time) I prefer to be on the go.

We worked the night before and then got up and went straight across to meet a friend at Bower beach in Manly. We spent an hour two lazing in the sun and swimming then went for a delicious lunch of prawns, oysters, kingfish and cider/cocktails at Manly Wine (sparkling water and mocktails for my partner, as he had planned to not drink in January). This was followed up with coffee (salted caramel milk, in my case) and a bit of a wander around town to scope out a few new places that had opened.

Photo 17-01-2015 1 43 53 pm
Bower beach pic (see – it was worth missing a post!)

We then met some of my partner’s friends in North Sydney. We’d planned to go to The Greens but there was a massive queue. So, we hatched a Plan B and had cider and beers at the Tree House (again, soda water for my partner). But it was pretty quiet there so we split paths with my partner’s friends heading off to The Tilbury in Woolloomoolloo and us going home to get changed and head to Bondi, for a quick drop into a friend’s birthday.

The birthday girl and posse had been drinking at Bucket List for most of the day but were in remarkably good shape. We got a jug of passion fruit mojitos (you guessed it, sparkling for the significant other who was still maintaining his no-alcohol stance) and hung around dancing and chatting until our friends decided to head back to someone’s house. We bailed at this point (having a strong inkling of where that night was heading) and took ourselves off to The Golden Sheaf to meet up with the group we’d left on their way to The Tilbury.

This is where my partner’s resolve crumbled. We ordered some food and a friend offered him a drink and it was his lust for gin and tonic that did him in. Ah well, he managed 15 days without alcohol. A pretty impressive feat if you ask me (which you didn’t). Anyways, we stayed at The Sheaf until around midnight when one of the boys got too drunk and security decided it was time for him to vacate the premises. I came back from a bathroom mission to find a swarm of security escorting him from the venue and everyone else following behind looking pretty embarrassed.

Ah, the joys of alcohol. We went home to bed after that and were pretty chuffed with our self control for having such a civilised day.