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Elizabeth Taylor sure knows how to cheer a girl up. I’m sure there were a few times where she needed a quiet moment to gather her thoughts. A woman like that knows her shit.

Without totally disregarding the importance of Liz’s ‘drink’ advice, putting on lipstick is a huge mood lifter, at least for me. I can have a night of cocktail waitressing or socialising ahead of me and be feeling really meh about it all – can’t decide what to wear, curls aren’t behaving, tired, hungover, etc. – but somehow when the time comes to choose my lipstick shade, everything seems better.

I have a lot of lip colour, lipstick, lip gloss, stain, tinted balm, you name it, I probably have it. Hot tip! I especially like NARS velvet matte lip pencil (bold colour, lasts forever) and I use Chantecaille lip primer to keep everything in place and stop the colour from feathering. I think I can safely say I have more lip colour than all my other make up combined. I don’t use all of them but I threw out a whole bunch and am making a concerted effort to start using more of the remaining ones.

I don’t know what it is about lipstick that makes me happy. I love the beautiful vibrant colours you can get now, glorious pinks, oranges, reds, purples. Not everything works with my skin tone sadly but I’ve found plenty that do. I like digging around in my special lipstick make up bag (I really need something more practical to store them in), trying a few shades and then having that moment of ‘yes! This is the one!’ and then it just feels like you’re ready to take on the night (or day).

I know it must sound superficial, that something as simple as the right shade of lip gloss can have such an effect on your day. Perhaps it is but I choose to think of it as a kind of superhero’s cape. Something that gives me that extra bit of confidence, that changes me from everyday me into WonderMe – that super sparkly person I send out when I know I have to deal with a whole heap of people and need to be on my game.

Now, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes a gash of lipstick isn’t quite enough to turn the day around. And, of course, I know that it’s just plain old me with a bit of lipstick out there changing the world (or carrying drinks, as the case may be) and not some alter-ego/alternate personality. But a girl’s got to have her little whims and tricks to get her through the day. Changing the colour of my lips is mine. Oh, and shoes. But that’s a post for another day.