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monsoon quotes

It was raining when I went to bed last night and the sound of the constant thrumming of water against the windows and roof reminded me of a memory I have from when I would’ve been around 5 or 6, before my sister was born, I think.

We’d moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and our house was about two streets over from the beach. You couldn’t see the beach but the back of the house faced in that direction. One night, it was raining and there was a storm out over the water. My mum took me out into the back room, I suppose a sort of living/rumpus room, that looked towards the ocean. The room fronted onto our backyard and had glass sliding doors so, with the curtains wide open, we had the best possible view (aside from actually being on the beach, that is).

She turned the lights off and we curled up on the couch watching the lightning out over the sea and the rain streaming down the windows, that drumming sound it makes as it hits everything and you’re inside, safe and warm. Thankfully, the storm was far enough away that the thunder didn’t scare me but I have very clear memories of sitting next to my mum and being in awe of it all. I think I remember her telling me how to count for thunder; one one thousand… two one thousand… three one thousand…

Every time it rains, I’m reminded of that night, spent just watching and listening to nature. Back when things like that were enough to amaze you. We should all be amazed by things like that every now and again.

Oh… and about my near-two-week absence, I don’t really have a good excuse. Australia Day and a few other ad hoc adventures got the better of me and it’s taken me a while to find time to write again. Something would always come up or I would run out of time and have to scuttle off to work. As I said, not much of an excuse. 😦