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My partner and me are currently in the process of revamping our dining room. One of the big decisions (huge, some might say!) facing us is whether to buy new dining chairs or reupholster the current ones. To help us inch ever closer to making this decision, we spent a morning flipping through fabric samples at an interiors store in Glebe.

Aside from being flabbergasted at how many fabrics can exist in any one place, I was also reminded of a set of sheets my mum had at our house in Canberra when I was maybe 2 or 3. If I could find those sheets, I’d definitely put them forward as contenders for our dining chair material. Purely based on sentimental value, mind you. They definitely wouldn’t work in the space.

The sheets in question were these super soft, dark green cotton sheets with vines and flowers weaving all over them. I used to love it when my mum put them on the bed because I’d lay there and imagine I was in a jungle garden. Come to think of it, the sheets and wallpaper in our current house are very similar (covered in flowers, leaves and birds although, sadly, not majority green) as mentioned (and pictured) in this post.

Seems I’ve always liked to feel outdoors or enveloped in nature. Although, always safely from ‘within-doors’. Not much of a camper or hiker, me. In theory, yes. In practice, mosquitoes.