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Today, it dawned on me that I have about a week and a half left until I start back at uni. My three months off that turned into six months off is now about to become 13 weeks of straight study, rinse and repeat for the next 21 months (unless I take another break). And yes, part of me is devastated that my carefree, time-rich lifestyle is coming to an end but a not-so-small nerdy part is excited to be learning again.

My main concern is that, while I’m trying to find a part-time job to supplement the cocktail waitressing, I may end up taking a full time role if it’s something I just can’t turn down. And how will I manage this without burning out? My previous full time job gave me paid study days. Will I be that lucky again? Doubtful. Will I have to quit the cocktail waitressing, which I love, in order to prevent a descent into madness? Tune in next week… just kidding.

I keep telling myself it’s not that long. Time will fly and, all of a sudden, I’ll be nearly done. I just have to put my head down and sacrifice a little in order to gain in the long term. That being said, I’ve never been one for delayed gratification. Between the choice of the chocolate (cheese, éclair, dessert of any description) now or the trim, toned, fit body later, I’ll go the chocolate every time. No question. Pay up in sweet, sweet cocoa. Can I change my happy fun time ways? We shall see.

Only time will tell whether taking so long off uni was a good idea. I certainly needed a break. I couldn’t have continued at that pace for much longer. But will it now be super hard to get back into rhythm? I’m a pretty organised person who doesn’t like to fail at things so I’m hoping that will kick back in straight away. Surely I can trust myself to get shit done and not fuck around.

Note to self: this is worth it. Suck it up. Reap rewards later.