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This job search thing is hard and so often demoralising. And I haven’t even been looking that long (or that hard, to be honest). Yet, even with what little I’ve experienced so far, sending your whole work life history off into the ether in the hopes that someone will think you’re valuable is a pretty crushing process.

My main problem is that I’m trying to change careers and, in doing so, have left a role where I was quite senior or, at least, where I was managing people and am now looking for something more junior. I’m assuming most people don’t consider me because they think I’ll be bored or won’t be able to handle taking direction or will be after their jobs but, honestly, I just want to learn again. I want to do something I enjoy and, if that means I have to start over, then I’m happy to do it.

I’ve applied for a few things here or there but to no avail. If I’m honest, my search has only really been consistent as of this year. I’ve built my list of pages to search regularly and have been checking them every few days. If something pops up, I spend time repurposing my resume and writing my cover letter. So much effort and then… wait. And wait. And wait some more. But I’m determined not to get too down about it. You see, I believe that the right job is out there, I just haven’t found it yet. This happened to me the last time I was looking for a job.


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Around 5ish years ago, I was working in a PA role for a pretty awesome boss but I was bored. I’d been in the role for 2 years and wanted more of a challenge. So, the head of our team helped me get an interview for a more senior PA role in the same company, just a different division. I got all the way to the final interview, was one of the final two and then got the call saying they really liked me but were going to go with the other candidate. To say I was devastated would be a massive understatement. When I found out, I went to the bathroom at work and cried. Someone saw me in there after I’d calmed down and asked if I was OK and I told them I had allergies. I was that upset.

But then, only a few months later, our team leader happened to have dinner with another person in the firm who mentioned she needed a PA. The rest, as they say, is history. This was the perfect role for me (for 5 years, at least). I got to write. I got to be creative. I eventually worked my way up to become my boss’ 2IC, no longer her PA, and even started managing people of my own. I would’ve missed all that if I’d gotten the first job.

This story reminds me that I just need to keep looking. The right job is out there. Or will be soon. I just have to not give up.


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