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Photo 8-01-2015 10 04 34 pm

I’ve done the impossible. Today’s the day and I’m not hungover. Yesssss! Except now I’m in a state of nervous excitement. Have been pacing around the house, counting down the minutes til everyone arrives for pre-drinks. I KNOW I need to eat but am struggling to get through my breakfast. This is absolute torture, not fun at all.

Ah well, it’s going to be a great day, regardless. It’s not too hot and there’s no rain predicted. You definitely don’t want rain if you’re going dancing in a field. That does not add any value to your day. Rain ponchos get mighty steamy when you’re dancing, trust me, I know.

I’m ready to go. Have my festival app with the day’s movements mapped out. Been listening to a few of the acts throughout the week. Have my dance moves prepped and ready for the big reveal. Actually, they’re my usual dance moves but I’ll put some extra effort into them seeing as we’re going to be at a music festival and all, rather than just my living room.

T minus ~75minutes until things get started.