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This is my second week back at uni and I’m trying to find my rhythm for how I’m going to get everything done. There’s so much to do: lectures, readings, discussion board posts, research, assignments… It’s all online but that doesn’t mean it takes up any less time (aside from maybe travel time). Oh and don’t forget, I still have to work and I’d like to actually get to the gym from time to time. And have a social life because I’ll be goddamned if I’m going to give up on that. A girl’s got to live!

I’m not too concerned. I know I’ll find my feet soon enough. It’s just all new with this part time work thing and I feel out of practice after having six months off. Also, I’ll have to adjust again when I find my second part time job and amend my waitressing hours. It’s going to be 20 months of adjusting and re-adjusting and managing my time so everything gets done and I don’t feel overwhelmed or beaten down by the sheer immensity of the task before me.

Time management is actually something I’d consider a strength. I’m very good at planning, sometimes it borders on obsession. I have my uni planner, a week by week list of everything that needs to be done for each unit and, as I work through it, I tick things off and feel very accomplished. I have my suitable gym classes pre-loaded into my calendar so my rock up and sweat options are clearly mapped out for each day, if I ever work up the motivation to actually go.

I was pre-planning my driving lessons with my mum but that’s fallen off in the last two or three weeks. Have to get back on that. I want to be able to drive sometime this year. It’s getting ridiculous having to flash my Learner’s licence when I want to get into a licensed venue. I’m far too old for that shit and the bouncer’s face confirms this.

At the moment, I feel a bit harried but I know by next week I should get back into the swing of things. This week just feels a bit rushed because we’re away down the coast Thursday – Sunday so I need to get all my uni work done by Wednesday. I really, really don’t want to have to take anything away with me and, even if I did, I know I wouldn’t get anything done. This weekend marks my official birthday celebrations so there is exactly zero chance of me watching any lectures, reading any texts or engaging in academic discussions when I could (will) be drinking and making merry.

Hey, at least I’m honest with myself. Time management… if done well, you can still ‘make party’ from time to time.