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I found this mug in a pop up shop a while ago along with a few cool motivational posters. I didn’t buy it but I did take a photo even though the sales assistant didn’t look too impressed. Ah well, I don’t need any new mugs but I did appreciate the message this one imparted to me on that particular day and this one as well.

This weekend we’re heading down the south coast for my belated birthday celebrations. We have a house booked for about 13 people and a few of us are heading up a day early as we got an extra night pretty much for free. Everyone else will join us tomorrow night so tonight is planned to be a bit relaxed. Planned to be Who knows how it will really pan out?

The plan is thus: groceries, pick up cakes and alcohol, drive down and do some more shopping on the way. Apparently, there are some great spots for fresh produce so we’ll probably get our seafood, meat, eggs, veg, etc. on the way down. Once there, swim (if it’s warm enough), cook bolognaise for dinner, drink some wine, eat some cheese, play Cards against humanity. Good clean-ish fun. Tomorrow night’s the less civilised night. The house is also dog friendly so the little fur beasts can come with us, which is always nice. There’s an off-leash dog beach right below the house so that will be awesome for them.

It’s been such a stressful lead up to this weekend. All the planning and organising and people being indecisive made it for a bit of a difficult time. But it’s finally here and, predictably, I’m super-excited. It may have been a pain in the ass to organise but it’s worth it. It always is.

I have to admit: my life is pretty good. I really don’t have much to complain about although somehow, every now and again, I find stuff. But, in the grand scheme of things, what I do have to complain about is pretty minor. I’m pretty lucky. All my problems are usually of the first world variety.

I’m off to start my weekend. Hope you enjoy yours.