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So… I had my first job interview today and, as far as I can tell, it went well. If I get through, the next step will be a second interview and then reference checks, etc. But, more importantly, I need to decide if I really want the job. Will it be enough to keep me occupied or will I be bored?

It’s only three days a week to start with, which is perfect. Three to four days is what I’m looking for. That way I can keep a few cocktail waitressing shifts, if I need to. I don’t want to leave the bar high and dry and I do enjoy working there, just not as my only job, I suppose.

A lot of the work is pretty basic and I would be alone in the office most of the time. But it’s really a ‘what you make of it role’, something I could take and develop. They want someone to bring their head office in hand and sort out all the problems they’re having getting their various venues/sites organised.

The office is only about a half hour walk from home and, as I walked back after the interview, my thoughts swung from yes to no and back again many times. Decisiveness has never been my strong point. Should I take the first thing that comes along even if I’m not sure or are these just the standard doubts one has when faced with the unknown? I suppose it’s all beside the point as I haven’t got the job yet.

But it’s definitely something worth pondering. I don’t want to waste their time or mine by taking a job I don’t particularly want as we could both just end up back where we started in a few months time. I applied for a few other jobs around the same time so perhaps one of them will contact me. Maybe I’ll get on a roll and have a bazillion job interviews to attend and jobs to choose from.

Maybe maybe maybe. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. If they call you back for the second interview, then we can start thinking serious thoughts.