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March has been a bit of a frantic month thus far. Uni has started again, I’m still looking for a job plus I’ve had a few social things on. And, frankly, looking after myself has kind of fallen by the wayside. But not today. 

Today, I got up and got shit done. I crossed a few things off my to do list. Went to the gym. Started my quest for a new trainer seeing as my old trainer left my current gym and his new one is too far away. Watched one of my lectures. Ate well (so far). Drank water. Things are looking up. 

Now that I’m feeling a bit more on the ball with uni, I want to get back into my ‘take care of myself’ habit. You know, the one where I was going to the gym and getting driving lessons and feeling productive most of the time. Of course, I’m still me so I’m going to have my wallowing in despair post-weekend slumber fests but hopefully they will only last Sunday (and maybe Monday) instead of all week. Because I’ll be PowerNatalie, the Natalie who’s committed to getting shit done and feeling kick ass about herself. 

Yep. You probably don’t remember that Natalie. Sometimes I think she exists only as a figment of my imagination that I insert into my past so I can claim that, once upon a time, I did good stuff. But no, she did exist. Does exist. And I’m bringing her back. I’ve got to. I need to get out there and be present. Better things happen when I am. And I’m ready for better things.