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I can honestly say that I’m trying my hardest to do this at the moment. And I’m feeling pretty accomplished, even if I am only running a two day streak. You’ve gotta celebrate the little things, right? I’ve got myself a plan of what to get done today and, being my day off, I’ve got every chance of achieving it. Feeling upbeat and positive goes a long way to starting your day off right.

That and a good, hearty breakfast. Which I haven’t had just yet because we’ve failed to shop so far this week and barely have any food in the house. I could have muesli, which is what I had yesterday and is not really a bad thing. I like it. It’s tasty. It’s a healthy muesli with just honey instead of heaps of sugar. So things could be worse.

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day. Depending on the food situation, it can quite easily be the favourite meal of the day. However, there are a few limiting factors when it comes to me and the most important meal of the day:

  1. I’ll find a good breakfast meal and then eat it every goddamn day until I can’t stand the sight of it. Although, to be fair, I do that with a lot of meals and snacks. I’m a creature of habit until my habit disgusts me and I find a new one
  2. I don’t like to make a mess so complicated breakfast dishes that require fry pans or multiple pots are generally disregarded. This is quite a disadvantage as omelettes, scrambled egg creations and other tasty options are rarely considered
  3. I have a huge pre-disposition for cheese and dessert breakfasts. If my breakfast doesn’t contain cheese, it’s a dismal failure. Haloumi, fetta, marinated goat’s cheese, tasty, whatever the fuck it is, I must have it. The only way it can still be a good breakfast without featuring cheese is if it’s French toast or pancakes or something equally dessert-y. Literally, this is the only way. My day is ruined otherwise
  4. My egg game is pretty weak. I haven’t made an omelette in a while so I can’t be 100% certain but my scrambled egg game is definitely horrendous. Somehow all my eggs seem to disappear into thin air and an unappetising dry paste smeared all over the pan. The only thing I can manage with any level of sophistication is a frittata and that’s because it’s got to be the most basic of egg dishes. Step one: choose ingredients. Step two: combine said ingredients. Step three: bake ingredients. Pretty hard to fuck that up. Although, the wrong combination of ingredients can be disaster and an over-cooked frittata is hell on earth. The bastard of it is that I used to make some pretty damn awesome scrambled eggs in my 20s so I’m not entirely sure what happened.

All this talk of breakfast is making me hungry and reminding me of how few options I have to satisfy my morning hunger. I need to step up my egg game. A somewhat grown woman should definitely be able to make herself some wicked eggs. On the upside, I can make French toast and pancakes but that is a dangerous route to go down with a sweet tooth like mine…