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Photo 9-03-2015 12 58 02 pm

The other day I saw this picture in my folder of some-day-to-be-used blog photos and thought, ‘I don’t think I’ll need that one’. Well, it seems I spoke too soon. Today just somehow slipped away from me.

I didn’t wake up particularly late but by the time I got up, showered, figured out what to have for breakfast, decided what to wear and walked the dogs, it was time to get my ass down to the bus stop so I could get into the city in time to have lunch with my old work pals. Yep, I didn’t get a chance to do my now standard morning blog post. I didn’t get any uni work done. I just pottered around at home and then – poof! – the day was pretty much over.

Usually, I’m a much better manager of my time but it seems even the best of us have our dud days. The problem with dud days is that, when you’re studying and know you have assignments due next week, “wasting” a day can make you mildly to very seriously panicky. Or at least it does me.

But can you really call it wasting a day when you found time to catch up with your friends? I don’t think so. I’ll make time to get my stuff done sometime throughout the rest of the week. It is, after all, only Tuesday. Let’s not write ourselves off to certain doom just yet.