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I promised I would write something more light hearted than the last couple of posts and I refuse to fail you. Today, I’m going to tell a quick story about my pug Oscar and his eternal curiosity (and how sometimes it gets the better of him).

My sister used to have a ferret named Misha. It ran away one day but that’s irrelevant to this story. Oscar had always kept away from Misha. She had no food of interest to him and no doubt smelt weird so he never gave her the time of day. Our French bulldog, Ami, on the other hand was very intrigued. He would try and get close enough to sniff her but, lacking the balls (figuratively and literally) to get too close, always ended up chickening out and running away.

One night, we brought the boys over to my mother’s house for dinner. Oscar was doing his usual exploration of his surroundings and found a big cloth bag full of pillows and bean bags. Never one to deny himself the most comfortable seat in the house, he began exploring the terrain. He lookedsuper chuffed with himself and spent quite a bit of time wriggling around, trying to find the most comfortable spot. Little did he know he wasn’t the only furry creature enjoying the comfort of these cushions.

From one minute to the next, his face went from ‘This is this greatest moment of my life!’ to ‘Hold on, what’s this?’ Then ‘Uhhhh… not kidding now!’ And finally, ‘Holy shit, it bites!’ Pug is generally a sluggish beast but he can move when he has to. And at this particular point, he shot out of the cushion pile like a rocket and fled down the hall as if the devil himself were after him, which in pug’s mind was probably exactly what was happening.

We all had a good laugh at his expense and he spent much time moping around in the corridor and giving everyone dirty looks. As if we were responsible for his run in with the razor-toothed ferret. To this day, it is one of the funniest moments I can remember… and there have been many with Mr Pug. He is an amusing creature.

This is not his only run in with other animals. One day, he tried to sniff our neighbour’s cat and received a swift paw in the face for his troubles. I wasn’t there but my partner said his face was pure surprise. But, I only wanted to sniff her! How could she do such a thing? The outrage was plain upon his little smushed up face. I suppose this is nature’s revenge for his serial humping of small, defenceless dogs in the dog park. Karma’s a bitch… or a ferret… or a cat.