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I started a food and exercise journal today. I have a love of writing things down and making to do lists and check lists so I feel like this is a good step for me. I do already have MyFitnessPal on my iPhone but I find that less exciting. This way, I can write in my little book and then update the online one. Play more to what I enjoy, I suppose. We’ll see how it goes. My handwriting is atrocious though so god knows why I like to handwrite. 

I spent some time this morning setting goals on how to eat better and be more active. I love this stuff but I’m easily disheartened and quick to give up the first time I fuck up and fail to do something. I’m usually 150% committed and totally obsessive about something and then the next minute I’m over it, bored. What next? 

What causes a person to be like this? Unable to form a good habit or stick to something? I know I’m not the only one out there with this issue but is there some way of correcting it? Or is it just good old will power? The one thing we all seem to lack when the going gets tough and you have to decide if you really want to go to the gym now that it’s cold and windy or do I really want to eat healthy when there’s a doughnut right in front of me. That’s when you’re loyalties get tested. That’s where I always pack it in.

On a separate note, last week was completely consumed by my uni assignments – two due in the same weekend! And, if I’m being totally honest (as I like to do here), there was a hangover or two at play in there somewhere. I could have been much more organised if I’d put my mind to it. I didn’t go to the gym. I barely read. My uni lectures and readings fell by the wayside. Minimal job hunting and certainly no blog posts. 

As it stands, I missed over a week in posts and, by Monday, I was itching to get back on here and write something. But what? Lucky I’d finished a book and started my “quest for healthy living” journal otherwise I’d still be sitting at the dining table staring at the keyboard.