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Well, the food trend continues. The hunger has not abated. Today I had a full steak dinner and then followed it up with a bowl of cereal, full cream milk and some raspberries. WTF? And you know… I could still eat. But I also know it’s ridiculous so I won’t. I will go to bed and ponder my woes.

At least I did something worthy of this hunger at the gym today. 35mins of straight cardio and light free weights in a UFC Fit class. The teacher has the most insane body. She could probably crack walnuts with her abs. It’s outrageous really but it gives you a goal to work towards. I do my mountain climbers and burpees and think, ‘soon… soon…’. But I’m also realistic. If I’m ever to get abs even remotely resembling hers, there’ll need to be some drastic changes made around here.

First up, my diet. Yesterday, I had two rounds of dessert while visiting a friend at her work then went to the movies and had a tub of Fanta and a $5 cup of lollies AND some popcorn. Yes, I know I can have a cheat day and I have now set myself limits on how many sweets I can have a week, etc. etc. but, still, those cravings are always a massive test of my will. I need to stick to my goals and I’m not one to stick to much of anything really. Although, to be fair, it has only been a week and the only goals I failed in the past week have been alcohol and water consumption. So things aren’t that dire. Yet.

Still boredom is a massive issue. When I find myself with nothing to do, the first thing my brain throws at me is ‘You must be hungry. Let’s go scope out the fridge’. It happens at work (I end up eating handfuls of the free banana chips we give to everyone). It happens at home (I end up eating slices of cheese or ice cream or whatever else I decide is a good idea at the time). It happens if I’m walking down the street and feel like my bus might be a while in coming (I go to the convenience store and buy something incredibly unhealthy but somewhat satisfying and totally guilt-ridden).

What I need to do is get in the habit of eating healthy snacks – fruit or veggies – or just drinking water. I’ve started carrying supposedly healthy organic fruit ball things in my bag and they are helping. Now just to train myself to drink more water or kombucha, a slightly more tasty drink I’ve recently taken a liking to. Yes, healthy substitutes that are readily available to tame those real and boredom-inspired fits of hunger. That’s my plan.