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I’ve had a tumultuous year, perhaps the most tumultuous in a long time. There have been a lot of tears and I can say with 100% honesty that they do help. Nothing is better than a good cry when you’re sad. But you have to stop. And when you stop, you have to wash your face and get on with things. Do something about what made you sad in the first place. No one will (or should) begrudge you your tears but they will get pissed if you’re a total downer who never makes a step towards getting over anything. Tears = good. Moping/wallowing = bad.

Now sweat is a different matter. I’ve been back at the gym for two weeks now (at least 3 sessions a week) and I’m feeling mighty fine for it. Full of energy and just generally pleased with myself for doing something other than work or uni stuff. But, while I love the afterglow of the gym, I am not of lover of exercise. I often spend the entire session beaming death rays of hate towards my trainer or the class instructor. I generally can’t wait for it to be over — unless it’s a super chilled, stretchy yoga class, in which case it can continue forever.

With that in mind, I’d say I’m a reluctant gym goer at best. For me, the hardest bit is getting my shit together and deciding to go. I’m the queen (no, strike that, khaleesi, yes! GoT is back, baby!) of making excuses for why I don’t have enough time. Personally, I like saving my favourite sessions in my calendar so that when I’m planning my day I can say, ‘OK, that one will work’ based on what I have to do at home first and then what time I have to be at work (if I have to be at work). Yes, I’m a planner so this works well for me. Maybe not so well if you’re a spur of the moment type person. Can’t help you there!

Salt water? Well, I’m less of a fan here. I grew up in Jamaica so the sea here in Sydney is usually too cold (and wavy) for my liking. Most of the time, I’ll just cool off under the shower. But the summers have been so hot of late that I’ve abandoned all reason and gone in for a dip on a number of occasions or a friend will arrive and peer pressure me into the water. There’s a beach 5mins walk from my house that’s very sheltered so I don’t have to worry about waves so much. It’s also quite shallow so not normally as cold as somewhere like Bondi.

Still, I can definitely vouch for the fact that the sea is a wonderful hangover cure — if you can drag yourself out of the house to experience it. And that’s a big if. Although I suppose a pool will do the same job and, if you’re lucky, they’re closer and you don’t have to worry about sharks.

Photo credit: My Little Discoveries (I should really do these more often)