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Today I was going to write a different post but, as I was flicking through my little library of pictures, something dawned on me. I no longer need my selection of I hate Monday images.  I had quite the selection going on for awhile there but, since leaving my corporate day job, I haven’t had any use for them. The other day I was wondering whether I’d made the right choice and I think this confirms it. I have. 

Tuesday is now my first work day of the week and I definitely don’t hate it. My Monday isn’t ruined because my first shift is impending. That’s how my Sundays felt towards the end of my time at my previous job. I was miserable all day because I knew the weekend was over. I was sad of a night time because work was in a few hours. What a way to live. 

And while I may not want to be in hospitality for the rest of my life, while I may be looking for a second part time job to mix things up a bit, I still enjoy cocktail waitressing. I still enjoy going in and socialising with people and making sure they have an awesome night in our bar. I just need there to be something else going on in my life as well – work-wise, at least. 

Well, this has turned out to be quite  the nice, little random post inspiration and something to brighten my day. Things can get grim in the job search world and you end up questioning what the actual fuck you think you’re doing but I’m feeling much more positive now. I am doing the right thing. I am happier. Even if I haven’t found the right job yet, I’ve still improved my life. And isn’t that the main thing? To be happy? I think so.