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Photo credit: Picture Quotes 

I suppose this follows on from yesterday’s post. Public transport seems to be a running theme for me at the moment.

I don’t agree with this image. I love the bus but I suppose I don’t have much of a choice. I’m still on my L plates so I can’t drive on my own (or much at all really – still very scared of the road). But I could take the train. Or the ferry. Or walk. But I hate having to go underground to get the train, the stale air, the cramped carriages, not for me. And I get cold on the ferry, all that wind, the uncomfortable seats. It’s more expensive. Nope, also not for me. And if I walk, I can’t read. So that’s rules that one out unless I like running into people and possibly getting run over myself. By a car. Or worse.

But the bus? Yes! Especially now that I don’t travel much in rush hour. So much better. I get a seat. I can read. And the people watching is great. You get people from all walks of life congregating in this one moving tin can. All bound by the simple fact that you’re all going in the same direction. Different spots maybe but the same general direction.

I like to imagine where they’re going, who they are, where they were before here. In my area, you see parents and their kids, lots of elderly people, people coming from the beach, both suits and tradespeople going to and from work, young people going god knows where. Yet each one bound by their need to get where they’re going. And then little old me in the middle – just looking around, taking it all in. Enjoying it.

Fuck driving. Fuck walking (although to a lesser degree). Public transport is a much richer experience. Get amongst your fellow humans. Observe them in one of their natural habitats. Pull a David Attenborough in your mind. There’s fun to be had here with strangers, who would have thought?