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Photo 21-10-2014 6 50 24 pm

Photo credit: The Oatmeal

It’s been absolutely bucketing down here for the past two days. Wind and rain and general outdoor misery have been our lot. It didn’t bother me so much yesterday because I was hungover so I didn’t have any kind of grand plan or real intention to leave the house. Today, however, I had to go to work. Which sucked. All I wanted to do was stay indoors in my peejays and continue my trend of doing nothing except maybe some uni work. Ah well, reality can’t be ignored forever.

I’m a definite homebody when it’s raining. I want to stay indoors in the warm, with the dogs and the TV and the heater. Outside is overrated in the cold, let alone the cold and wet. And this isn’t any ordinary wet. There are places that are flooding. Trees falling down. Power outages. Not so much where we live but other areas are getting hit pretty hard. We’re lucky, I suppose.

But lucky or not, I still don’t relish this leaving of the house business in stormy weather. And to make matters worse, I couldn’t find an umbrella. Or it was left in the car and I didn’t have time to grab it because the bus was coming. Thankfully, I had a big hooded jacket but that wasn’t really ideal. Then again, Facebook was filled with images of unfortunate umbrellas that fell victim to the crazy winds we’re having. So, it seems an umbrella wasn’t the silver bullet to keeping the wet away. Unless it was the Excalibur of umbrellas, strong and sturdy enough to stand up to the most ferocious of gales.

I did get some good news though. I have an interview tomorrow. Very exciting stuff but I have to prepare myself. Make sure I know the role back to front, review my resume, prepare some questions. You know, the usual prep except this time the recruiter has provided me with some good materials to go over and I’ll scope out their website.

The key is not to be nervous, they say. But how often have “they” been to an interview? It’s frigging nerve wracking! All I can do is the best I can.