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Many thanks to those who wished me good luck with my interview but it was foiled. By the rain. So terrible is the weather we’re having at the moment that people are staying home from work. The roads, rivers and train tracks are flooding. The government is urging people not to come into the city, if they can possibly help it. And today, those people included my potential interviewer/s.

I slept relatively well but woke up well before my 7.30am alarm (as I often do when I have something on my mind that I’m moderately worried about). I lay in bed stressing, not wanting to get out of the warm, knowing I still had a bit of research to do but dreading it. Eventually, I got up. Had my shower, my breakfast, planned my outfit. Was in the process of putting it on when I got the call. They won’t be coming in because of the rain. *sigh*

It’s probably a good thing. I was only told about the interview at 4pm yesterday. I had to work until 9pm then spent until about 12.30am looking into the role and company. I sent myself off to bed because I didn’t want to be tired yet I didn’t feel totally prepared. Now, it’s been moved to Monday and, yes, maybe that gives me more time to work myself into a stressed out frenzy, but it also gives me more time to prepare. I do have a birthday party on the night before so I just have to make sure I exert some self control so as not to be hungover on the big day.

That would be a definite no-no. I am definitely not at my most charming or on the ball when hungover. Is anyone? If so, I would like to meet this superhuman.