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Photo credit: Mushpa Y Mensa (they use the same theme as me – ha! Samesies!)

My partner and me have made a pact to cut back on our debauched ways – less drinking and partying – for the next three months until we go away to Splendour in the Grass (a three day music festival) at the end of July. We want to see how it will affect our lives; our relationship, our health, the time we spend with our friends. At the moment, it feels like we go out nearly every weekend. I sometimes feel like we’re “that” couple that people know will stay out the latest, that will have everyone back at theirs, that will always be ready to have another drink.

Now, for me, I almost feel like my life is kind of in a holding pattern at the moment. I’m studying, I’m working part time in hospitality, I’m looking for another part-time job but nothing feels all that serious (aside from the studying). For my partner, it’s a different story. He’s trying to start a new business. He’s running an existing one. He has stuff to do, he’s ambitious, he’s driven. For him, he feels like our excessive lifestyle is getting in the way of being productive. Which I can see. Sometimes I feel that way myself.

We’re not going cold turkey or anything (we’ve got to live, dammit!). But we have set ourselves some targets and curfews. Things we feel are realistic and not too drastic. We both know drastic won’t work for us. We have a simple one month goal and then a more general three month goal and then, when we get to the end of the three months (around Splendour in the Grass time), we’ll revisit how it’s all going and how we feel about it and see what we want to change, leave, increase. Whatever.

There has been a lot of change for me in the past six months. So far, I’ve managed to ditch an unhealthy job, shake a few people I found emotionally unhealthy and set myself some physical health goals so I figure I can try this thing that will hopefully improve a few areas of my life. We shall see, you know how I go with commitment. But, with the two of us working towards something we both see as achievable, perhaps it’s possible. I’ll definitely give it a shot.