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Photo credit: Lisa, Travelling the World

Well, I definitely wondered what I’d gotten myself into today. A friend and me signed up for the Nike NTC training day and, at 2.30pm, I found out exactly what I’d gotten myself into: a world of pain in the form of five sets of 30min workouts throughout the course of the day.

To be honest, it was very well organised and a lot of fun. There were nail bars and hair braiding and make up stations. You could get a massage or a free flavoured water drink or protein balls. There was a huge wall with everyone’s name on it and a cool bean bag area where you could lay down and veg the fuck out after working your butt off during your latest exercise session. We made good use of that little gem during our break period, I’ll tell you that much.

Perhaps stupidly, we’d joined a pretty much pure cardio group. We started off with a huge group exercise session filled with awesome music and much clapping, cheering and sweating. It was during this 30min session that my friend and me looked at each other and thought “WTF!”. It was intense from the very beginning but the vibe in the room was amazing. Everyone was getting pretty pumped by the awesome set up and lights and the energy of the trainers on stage.

After the opening session, we broke off into smaller groups based on the type of exercises you’d chosen. You could do things like pilates and spin but we’d picked high intensity interval training, a circuit group and boxing, which were all a lot of fun and hard in their own way. We did a LOT of burpees in the HIIT session and box jumps, planks and elevated leg push ups were the torture treatment of the day in circuit. I’d say boxing was the most fun. The music was awesome and the trainer really got everyone going. We did so many squats. Holy shit, I don’t even want to think about it.

You got a 15min break between each session and then a 1hr break at the end before the final workout. Each group had their break at a different point throughout the day and, honestly, I think ours was the best timing as we got to relax for over an hour before the final work out. A definite win. After the last workout, they had an awesome DJ on and the whole thing felt like a massive warehouse rave – minus the drugs and alcohol, of course.

After what I put my body through today, I think I’m going to be in a world of hurt. To prepare myself for this, I felt a few bites of ice cream were in order. If a girl can’t have ice cream after 2.5hrs of exercise then I don’t know what the world’s coming to.