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winterI am a definite summer person. Growing up in Queensland, Australia and then Jamaica does that to a person (or does it? Ah well, it did to me). I crave sunshine and heat, even sitting in the shade in summer often renders me chilly. Perhaps I’m cold blooded. It’s been suggested before, that I’m some weird lizard slash human hybrid, kind of like the blue mutant chick in X-men (can’t remember her name) but without the awesome super powers. Much to my dismay. 

And winter is definitely coming (quick GoT shout out!). I am like a Stark, always predicating the terrible demise of summer and impending reign of that fucking bitch we call winter. Why? Why must we suffer through the cold. Yes, winter in Sydney is incredibly mild all things considered but still, when it’s what you’re used to, it still feels like an ice box (even if it’s more like a moderately chilled refrigerator). 

Regardless of how mild/monstrous the winter is, it’s definitely coming. The wind has crept up, even in the sun that breeze can cut straight through you. We had a 27 degree (Celsius) day the other day and I rejoiced. Got to get that last bit of sunshine in before I’m confined to sweaters and coats and pants. God, I hate the abundance of clothing winter requires. I hate the hibernation it encourages. I hate the sickly shade of yellow my skin turns. I hate the ever present darkness clinging to our mornings and evenings, never willing to let go, always waiting to pounce. Ugh. I understand why (the axis of the earth and what not) but I’m still displeased. 

To my mind, we only have two seasons: summer and winter. Spring and autumn are upstarts, they don’t really exist. They’re just that interim battlefield where summer and winter duke it out, each trying to scratch out a few extra days for themselves. Yep, autumn and spring are just words to me. They mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. Summer and winter are the real deal. And the days of summer are numbered. It might still be sunny but it just doesn’t have that sting anymore. The real sting, the real bite belongs to winter and it’s starting to make its presence felt. 

Image credit: Debskigg | Ink361