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You know those days when you wake up and realise that, even before you officially get out of bed, the day’s gotten away from you? Well, that’s today. By the time I woke up, got ready and ate breakfast, it was time to roll out into the big wide world. No time for uni work. No time for job hunting (thankfully, I didn’t see anything worth applying for today). All I accomplished was putting drops in my little pug’s one remaining eye, which is definitely important but takes two seconds and isn’t exactly something to pat myself on the back about. 

Yet, even though I didn’t get the most out of my morning, the day is not lost. I am on my way to the gym. I will try and find a jigsaw puzzle for Mother’s Day so my mum,sister, partner and me can sit around trying to piece it all together. Don’t snicker, it’s actually a lot of fun (I’m still trying to convince my partner of this). I will start work at 5pm, when everyone else is signing off and kick starting their weekend (don’t feel too bad for me, I have Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday off). So, I will accomplish stuff, just maybe not as much as I’d hoped. 

Also, this is a completely different post from the one I’d planned on writing and I can’t find a way to turn things around. Seems that post will have to wait until tomorrow. You can’t force these things. I blame the image I chose. It led me down the garden path and away from my initial intentions. And, now I look back, I’ve said a bit without even really saying anything at all. I hate that. Oh well, not every post is going to be my masterpiece!

Image credit: Know Your Meme