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Image credit: Chicalookate
I remember when I was single, one word could mean the difference between whether I liked a guy (or girl) or not. Everything could be going well and then – CLANG! – the connection failed and I was no longer interested. Just like that. Done. Over. Step away slowly. 

Good chat is so important in those first encounters. If you can make someone smile or, better yet, laugh, you’re in with a chance (with me at least). If you make me laugh out loud and then wonder if my big, unladylike guffaw has put you off, things are going well. And I think the same continues when you’re in a relationship. Once white-hot passion fades to a comforting glow, being able to make each other smile is so important. 

Not taking yourselves too seriously goes a long way. My partner and me (and our close friend group) tease each other mercilessly and you need a fairly robust sense of humour to take it all in and then give as good as you get. In my experience, it’s no fun (good-naturedly) teasing someone unless they have their own witty comebacks. A sharp, preferably un-PC wit works best in these situations. Race, gender, sexual orientation, the very clothes on your back, anything can (and will) be used against you and you’d best be prepared to BYO sass. For us, the friends we hang out with most are those we spend the most time smiling and laughing with. You’re happy with them so, of course, you want to see them again. 

But back to the whole courting/wooing/romance angle. How often do you look at a couple and wonder how the fuck Person A landed Person B, only to realise Person A is funny as hell. Make a person laugh, win their heart. It’s as simple as that and it really works. And every time you make the one you love laugh, you remember why you fell in love. You feel closer to one another. As long as there are still smiles and laughter, there’s still something worth having. 


Image credit: Monica Gobbo | Pinterest