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This is how you know winter is here in our house. Our French bulldog, Ami, will set himself up in front of the heater and only move when he’s in danger of bursting into flame. Sometimes he’ll mosey over for a pat or a cuddle and he’ll feel like straight up fire.

If we leave the heater on overnight, this little gargoyle will sleep out in the living room, instead of in one of his beds in our room. You’ll wake up in the morning and he’ll already be in front of the heater, either basking in its heat or waiting for us to turn it on. He’ll sit in front of it all day, regardless of whether it’s on or not. I suppose, in his mind, it’s just a matter of time until the magical heat machine comes to life again. He’s just playing the not-so-patient waiting game.

My other dog, Oscar the pug, had similar habits when he was a bit younger. I remember I’d get up in the morning, turn on the heater and then go have a shower. Nearly every morning, I would come out of the shower to find pug sitting directly in front of the heater, his fur touching the plastic safety cover, looking very indignant.

You see, the heater had a built in safety mechanism that made it turn off when something was blocking it, I suppose to stop it from catching fire if it was knocked over or a piece of clothing fell across it. The heater couldn’t tell the difference between pyjamas and a chilly dog so it shut itself off, much to pug’s dismay. I would walk out and he would look at me with this little squashed face that said, “Mummy, whhhhyyyyyyyy?”. I’d move the heater away from him, turn it back on and all would be well in the world again, at least for pug.

These days, he sits on the heater end of the couch where he’s perfectly poised to get the up-draft. Ami takes the ground level and they both seem content to get warm and toasty all day and night, or as long as the heater remains on. Ami will even seek out sun patches on the floor during summer. I suppose he gets his cold bloodedness from his mother as I’m always cold too. I like to think he doesn’t get his greediness or stinky-ness from me but I suppose that’s down to a matter of opinion.

Photo credit: me!