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I feel like I’ve been so swept up in all my job hunting and uni work that I’ve had no time for anyone’s blogs beside my own. I haven’t done any book reviews either, for that matter – but that’s a different story. One step as a time, as the wise people say.

So, to correct my self-absorbed ways, I’ve spent more than a few hours scrolling through WordPress Reader as well as some of my followers’ blogs. It’s mind boggling how much great stuff there is out there. Really, I should have been working on my final uni assignment for this study period but I got swept up in the microcosm of creativity and diversity that is WordPress. I feel like I really went down the rabbit hole on this one!

This is a totally eclectic bunch of blogs. I surfed through all kinds of topics and tags. None of my interests were off limits, everything was investigated. I’m posting these in no particular order (aside from alphabetical because I like things to be neat).

  • A Journey of a Thousand Miles – this blog is a raw depiction of a life lived with mental illness (depression, bipolar, self-injury, eating disorders, etc.). After how I felt yesterday, I wanted to read a few blogs by people with similar experiences. This blog struck a chord although I would by no means pretend that my short-term mood swings can be compared with actual full-blooded depression.
  • Janey Does Blogging – Janey keeps a funny, well-written blog filled with stories about her life, observations and the occasional rant. Good for a laugh on any given day.
  • Jo-Teia’s Kitchen – of course, I had to have a food blog in this list. I was drawn to this particular blog by a post about cinnamon doughnuts that showed up in my Dessert tag Reader. However, one click later and I’d discovered there were all kinds of tasty treats (and not all dessert based). Oh yes, and pictures. V. Important.
  • Never Too Experienced – this blog features a combination of posts about sex, photography as art, crafty items and honest self-observation. I found it today on Reader and was hooked!
  • Polyamorousus – I write another blog that lead me to this blog, which is about the experience (emotional and physical) of being in a polyamorous relationship. It touches on some very real issues and is both humorous and serious by turns.
  • Stryderrsm – this is a bdsm and D/s blog written by a Master about his life with his long term slave. As something I dabbled in when I was younger, I found this site incredibly sexy and interesting and it made me consider things I’d not really thought about for a long time. I’ve never broached this subject with my current partner – maybe after finding this site, I’ll send him a link 😉