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I have become a sloth. Not because I don’t bathe and have my own ecosystem living in my pelt. Not like that at all! Just in the sense that I am now living in my pyjamas in front of the heater and only leaving the house (and making the necessary preparations) when strictly required.

I am a creature of summer. The cold is not for me, I don’t do well. I fade, both figuratively and literally. My skin goes from whatever fabulous shade of golden brown I’ve managed to accomplish during summer to a sallow, very uninspiring shade of yellow come the dreariness of winter. So yes, I feel far less glamorous. And also cold. I hate feeling cold.

Much like our dog, the heater monster, I can only be found in front of the heater come the cooler months. Sometimes I even bring my trusty doona (blanket/quilt) with me from the bedroom and make a real cosy cocoon of things. Yes, it gets fiddly with the laptop and the mouse (if I’m not reading or watching TV) and the warmth is worth the struggle. Believe me, if you hated winter like I do, you’d understand.

To help with the whole can’t-wear-your-blanket-and-carry-your-heater-with-you-outside thing, I then dedicate myself to a full time regime of comfort food. It’s a sensible option, I feel. I can’t wear a blanket (outside) so why not cover myself in a layer of insulating blubber? It works for the whales and the seals, why not make it work for me? Ignoring such an excellent evolutionary tactic is foolish!

Although, I have signed up for Tough Mudder in November so I won’t be able to let myself get too out of shape. This year’s layer of blubber will have to limit itself to purely survival-level thickness this time around, methinks.

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