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I think the one time we all wish we could be kids again is when we’re sick. I know when I’m really sick, I just want my mum to make me feel better. I remember all the times I was sick and my mum bathed me and put me to bed, put a cool flannel on my head, held my head (and a bucket) while I was sick, gave me lemonade for my sore tummy. All the things you have to do for yourself now that you’re an adult.

I’ve been sick off and on for over a month now so those memories are really present for me at the moment. Over the weekend, my infection decided to kick itself up a notch, straight into voice losing territory. Yep, that’s right, I woke up on Sunday with no voice and a deep, hacking couch. But I refused to ditch my weekend party plans so, of course, things have gotten more drastic.

We spent most of yesterday on the couch, watching True Detective and eating home delivery Indian (my partner’s favourite hangover food). Despite feeling like absolute death, we dragged ourselves out of the house around 5pm to eat some pho and watch a movie with a friend. The friend had also been sick (was still sick) and recommended I get some Vicks VapoRub for my chest. She said it had helped her cough so I thought, why not? Seemed like a good idea.

Trusting to her recommendation, we hit up a pharmacy on the way home. It’s never a good sign for the pharmacist to wince and take a step back when you croak out your requirements. If I didn’t know I was sick already, I certainly knew it then. She handed over the medicine and I hightailed it back to the car (after buying us some McDonalds sundaes first).

As soon as I got home, I took my cough syrup and stripped down to apply my Vicks. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Vicks, it’s a menthol, camphor and eucalyptus ointment that you rub on your chest and throat to relieve congestion. It also burns like a motherfucker. You see, you can also use it on sore muscles, kind of like Deep Heat, Dencorub or tiger balm. So while the vapours sting your eyes and burn your throat, it’s also working its magic on any skin that’s had the misfortune of being smeared with it.

Sitting there on the couch, my chest, eyes and throat on fire, reminded me of being sick as a kid and having my mum rub Vicks onto my chest before putting me to sleep. I’d be in bed with my chest ablaze, knowing that whatever fire my mum had rubbed on me had to be for the best. She wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t going to make me better, right? And sure enough, my little body would get better with the help of mum’s TLC and chicken soup (actually, I don’t think my mum made chicken soup, my grandparents definitely did though).

I wish I had my mum now. I might be able to take care of myself at this age but somehow everything’s a million times better when you have your mum to take care of you.

Image credit: Julia Ann | Pinterest